What writing blogs does to you

Steve Davis in the early days of blog writing

Steve Davis in the early days of blog writing

Friends, thank you for following my daily updates via The RITE Series blog since August 1.

I had set myself the goal of blogging an article every day for 60 days and today is the last one under that regime.

I will share some of my experiences with you in my Keynote presentation on October 19 and in the resource I must now turn my attention to creating but here are two highlights:

1. My network among Top End business people and thinkers on the topic of social media as a marketing tool has grown dramatically through this time. In having people respond to my posts via the comments section and/or Twitter, has brought me onto the radar for people I might never have met. Likewise, whenever I mentioned people in blogs or interacted with them via Twitter, I got to know and respect some very interesting and passionate people. I won’t name names for that age old reason that I do not want to offend anyone I might overlook (I have always thought that was such a lame excuse but now that I am faced by the prospect of hurting someone through omission, I fully understand the source of that cliché).

2. My stream of blog ideas has grown from what had been a gentle and reliable creek into a gushing, pounding river with Wet Season showers billowing from above as well. I will be making a very strong case now to anyone who wants to blog, to set themselves a target of daily blogging for at least 3-4 weeks. It not only forces new habits but your internal awareness that you have something to write afresh again tomorrow harnesses your brain’s natural gift of looking for patterns in things. I can now hardly breathe without being assaulted by possible blog topics. Even though I have written professionally since 1985, first as a journalist then from 2004 in my role as marketer helping clients find and define their ‘voices’, it has not been until this gruelling 60-day challenge that I have experienced the ‘abundance of angles’ that my brain presents to me for future blog posts. Please try it for yourself and let me know how you fare.

What will happen now?

I have so many blog ideas (even a three part series in my head) that I will continue sharing posts on this site throughout October. It might not be a daily occurrence but I am now more truly addicted to this process than ever before so I wouldn’t be surprised if I keep these thoughts trickling here for those of you who want something else to read after finishing your copy of the NT News each day!

Thanks again for your feedback, discussion and ideas and I look forward to meeting you physically or virtually in October and beyond.

Steve Davis


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