What’s stopping you doing Social Media online?

Yuendumu defaced sign. Is this social media? (Photo: Crikey)

Yuendumu defaced sign. Is this social media? (Photo: Crikey)

Social Media has been a natural part of life in the Top End since long before the internet.

Does that surprise you?

‘Social Media’ simply refers to media produced and shared for social consumption.

So that means those long, sometimes dreary, slide show nights with family and friends, qualify as Social Media.

It also means those afternoons looking at photo albums with parents, friends, family, qualify as Social Media.

Notes on community noticeboards, pictures in your shop window of products or services being used, even showing off on your bike, in your ute, on your sewing machine to other people, qualifies as Social Media.

Bob Gosford even highlighted some Social Media in a recent Crikey article on defacing Intervention signs near Yuendumu.

Why do we do it?

Many humans love sharing content they have created either for the love of the skill (eg photography) or the love of the subject (eg children, pets, cars, hobbies, occupation).

It also goes without saying that almost all humans like getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of people or product or services they love.

User numbers of social sharing sites like YouTube (video) and Flickr (images), to name just a few, is testament to the interest and hunger for this content.

Only last week, Humidity, a gift store in Darwin, asked parents too share pics of their kids with the pics attracting the most votes winning prizes. In one day alone, more than 300 locals joined her Facebook page to take part.

That is a good example of Social Media in business.

Another good example is in clubs like Bojangles in Alice Springs where live webcams allow patrons to send drink requests to family back home and family can shout a round via PayPal is brilliant. Probably worth noting that cameras in nightclubs are not always a good source of Social Media content, as per the story about Darwin’s Discovery Nightclub in which there was a security camera in a temporary changeroom for wet T-shirt contestants is NOT a sound source for Social Media content. Not that the nightclub used it that way but it warrants a mention.

So what is holding you back from incorporating Social Media in your online business promotions?

While you contemplate that, watch the video below to see a cheeky approach to Social Media taken by Air New Zealand. Through the use of puns and double entendres to attract and hold our attention, this series gradually gives us insights into the various services offered by the airline.


Could you ever tap into the Aussie larrakin spirit to create some short clips like that for your business or organisation?

Please share comments, feedback and other examples below. Some comments will be used in our final October Business Month resource with full attribution.

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