You CAN and SHOULD, it’s the Big 4 Banks that CAN’T

can-toni-colletteFor today’s article, I am sharing a link to yesterday’s post on the Baker Marketing blog because it taps into something I have noticed in the Top End.

It is about the Commonwealth Bank’s CAN’T campaign in which Toni Collette reads a poem called an Ode To Can.

In my article, I highlight the difference between the sort of work Bendigo Bank does in local, Top End communities and the Commonwealth’s attempt to get all friendly and cute with the marketplace.

There are some things that small businesses can learn from this big budget affair, primarily about the importance of understanding what your audience REALLY cares about when you communicate with them.

The article is called, Smaller banks and businesses CAN, the big 4 banks CAN’T.

Let me know your thoughts.

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