Your camera is a window to the ‘social’

Part of a stunning photo by Louise Denton of Nightcliff Jetty in Darwin shared via Google+

Part of a stunning photo by Louise Denton of Nightcliff Jetty in Darwin shared via Google+

Google recently promoted a ‘photo walk’ day to encourage those of us interested in photography to join with likeminded souls and wander around Darwin and other city centres, taking photos to be uploaded to and shared via Google+ (Google’s version of Facebook, although both parties will hate that reference).

It is fair to say that Google+ remains a less mainstream social network, despite that fact that it continues to enjoy some growth in its user base. Social Media News estimates about 2.2 million Australians using Google+, compared to Facebook’s 10.9 million.

Before your busyness tempts you dismiss yet another call by me to explore Google+, there are two key reasons I believe it warrants a visit (or a return visit):

Google says it is paying close attention to content that is being shared within Google+ when it comes to compiling its search results

The recent ‘photo walk’ has revealed how potent photography, or the love thereof, can be in building networks

It is this latter point I want to explore today and it was prompted by the group, Darwin Photo Walks.

Killing two birds

On the big, Google photo walk day, I deliberately searched for Darwinites taking part and was able to follow a couple including Louise Denton, whose image of Nightcliff is seen above, and Darwin Photo Walks itself.

In the course of commenting on some photos I expressed my disappointment that I wasn’t in town for the day, especially as Darwin Photo Walks mentioned upcoming gatherings.

What struck me was the person running the Darwin Photo Walks account actually asked when I was back in town and offered to hold a photo walk upon my return.

If this is not the warmth of humans being social, I don’t know what is.

But more than that, if you have been blogging and contributing to social networks as part of your marketing, do you see what I see?

Darwin Photo Walks could offer you a double-headed way to further develop your social marketing:

  • Firstly, we all need good images for our social media marketing. Humans love images, pictures are definitely worth a thousand words, and pictures shared in social networks definitely attract interest, clicks and action.
  • Secondly, unlike a formal networking event, getting together with other people who enjoy photography (don’t be put off by Louise’s brilliance, I am sure all of us will be welcome) is a very smart and enjoyable way to build new networks and hone your photography skills.

In my past life as a commercial photographer, a colleague and I once mused that the only difference between us and the ‘happy snappers’ was hundreds of rolls of film (ouch, dated myself).

One final word. I am not suggesting you descend upon the next gathering and start handing out business cards. What I am suggesting is that IF you have an interest in photography AND in further improving the quality of your social media marketing content, then becoming an engaged member of the Darwin Photo Walks community (or anything similar in your community) could be an important stepping stone.

PS Darwin Photo Walks just announced publicly on Google+ that there will be an +Australian Google+ Meets meetup on 21 Apr 2012 at 11am at The Groove.  It isn’t a photography meetup but no doubt there will be cameras. The Groove is at 4/35 Progress Drive, Nightcliff NT 0810. I hope some photos and feedback can be shared on The RITE Series Google+ Page or Facebook Page. Enjoy.


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